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Facebook Live: The Hamster Summer Games

Facebook Live changed the engagement game for online publishers in 2016, and though our production team was tiny, we wanted a piece of the action. Petcha.com, Lumina Media's trending pet story site, was the first to venture into programming for the medium in Q3, and come Q4 our team was publishing regular seasonal content. 

The first of these was the Hamster Summer Games, launched on Petcha's Facebook page during the Olympics. The opportunity presented itself thusly: a Lumina staffer who bred hamsters on the side was going to have a litter born right around the Olympics. How cute would it be to get these tiny creatures on camera? Our editors loved it and got to work building out elaborate sets for various events (swimming, track and field, a medal ceremony, etc.). For a while there, we were concerned the little hammies wouldn't be born in time, but they delivered (or, er, were delivered) right on schedule. 

This, our first FB Live event, reached around 100K readers.

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