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Social Video: Making a PSA with an Internet-Famous Cat

It's not every day that I get to create an ad, but when I do, I get mountains of email from viewers thanking my team for it. At least, that was the case when we reached out to internet celebri-kitty Lil Bub to see if she would like to star in a PSA we were creating for Catster.com client IDEXX.

IDEXX is the largest provider of veterinary labwork in the country, and under normal circumstances they keep their advertising in the B2B realm, targeting veterinary practices. But they had just developed an early-warning test for kidney disease in cats, one of the top culprits for feline fatality, and wanted to get consumers to ask their vet for the test outright.

I pitched the idea of creating a video PSA that spoofed a viagra ad -- instead of a man and woman in their twilight years, we'd have a human and their cat having a romantic picnic, walking down the beach, and staring lovingly into each other's eyes. They loved it. Once the concept was approved, I worked with humor writer Angie Bailey on the script, and we went back and forth on revisions until it was exactly right. 

While the script was in the client's hands, I reached out to Bub's human, Mike Bridavsky, to see if he and Bub would be interested in starring in this spot and promoting it on their page. 

The result was beautiful. We shot the pair at various locations around San Francisco (Shawn Fung was the videographer and video editor on this project), edited it to perfection and I had the pleasure of doing the voiceover (we wear ALL the hats when the production has a small budget!).

The video was published on Lil Bub's page, which has over 2.9M fans, as well as on Catster and a few other channels. The returns were incredible for a video that was, in essence, advertorial. Over 2M people saw it, thousands shared it, and hundreds left glowing comments, thanking Bub for relaying this important message. We got emails and direct messages of the same nature. The ad spot would go on to win two 2017 Vetty awards (bronze and silver) for IDEXX. 

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