"There are talented authors. There are talented editors. There are talented business people in publishing. Janine is talented at all three. She understands how to craft a story and narrative to keep readers engaged while also keeping her team devoted to their jobs... all the while managing the business of a modern, digital publication. She's passionate about what she does, and it shows."

--Jeff Reine, Biz Dev Lead, Foursquare

"Janine is a tremendous asset - she is the definition of go-getter and has a true passion and dedication for her work. I attribute much of her success to her forward-thinking nature, ability to build and maintain relationships, and commitment to optimizing her output and that of those around her. You can count on her to work tirelessly to surpass set goals and maximize the value of her projects. She has a creative mind unlike any other I have experienced and is a machine, yet joyful to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a content leader and rockstar."

--Jennifer Black-Glover, Chief Digital Officer, Lumina Media

"To make a successful publication you have to have a narrative or a voice, and it's not easy to do that if a publication is about pets. But Janine did it, masterfully. 

I met Janine when she was a senior editor at Dogster. Shortly after Say Media acquired the company, management decided to hire an editor in chief to turn the community-driven site into an editorial publication. We chose Janine and she nailed it. 

First, she created an editorial plan to turn out high-quality, very polished articles several times a day—with a minimal budget and staff. She then hired and retained amazing writers and editors. She fought hard for her team securing money and resources, and getting promotions for key staff when there was no hope (I'm still shaking my head in wonder about this). Most important, she created a publication that was a wonderful read. More than once I found myself choking up reading the articles.

I know Janine is meant to create even bigger things. I hope my path crosses hers again so I can watch her do it first-hand."

--Kourosh Karimkhany, SVP Product, Weather Underground

"Janine is incredibly dedicated to her team and her work. She is a talented manager and fabulous writer. It is rare to find the management skills and creative talent in one person - Janine definitely has both!"

--Anna Baird, CFO, Livongo

"Savvy, brilliant, creative and a master of the digital publishing business, Janine adds value and heart to everything she does. Her passion for media, the quality of content and her team has pushed Lumina Media to new heights. Launching new consumer publications and brands, designing and managing cross platform marketing campaigns, content development strategy, she can do it all! I was very fortunate to work with Janine on a daily basis for over 2 years and cannot recommend her enough for anything she decides to do in the future."

--Gary Bernard, Head of Product, Lumina Media